Fork In The Road

Paintings from beyond about how the universe works. Original acrylics on canvas by Don Shapiro.

A New Painting and A New Era

After Seven Years, It's Time to Show My Abstract Art In Public

Funny how time flies when you are engrossed in the mystery of creation. I've been painting abstract art for almost seven years now. My mentor, Russian artist Allen Tager, has guided me, encouraged me and applied the standard of the great masters to evaluate my art and keep me growing. [caption id="attachment_292" align="alignleft" width="371"] New abstract painting by Don Shapiro 60x72[/caption] Besides being an internationally known fine artist, Allen is also an award winning art educator, author and was one of the leaders of the St. Petersburg 300 ...
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Listen To The Frequency Of The Universe

Listen to the frequency of the universe as it flows through us and connects us with all that is. That frequency exists in the space between atomic particles. It exists in the space where science says nothing can be measured…no matter, no energy, nothing. Within that space, our spirit, our soul, our creator can be found as a vibration, a frequency, a pulse of meaning. It is a message without words for words are strictly a human invention. These messages flow through my eyes as they see color, light and shadow. These messages flow through my hands as they mix colors and hold the brush to the canvas. My eyes, my hands, my being become an extension of the message that ...
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Abstract Art Is In The Intent

All who attempt to create abstract art do not come with the same intent. Abstract art is not about just putting paint on the canvas anyway you want. It is not about huge brushstrokes, small brushstrokes, rolling the paint, splattering the paint, working fast, working slow, painting lines and shapes, painting no shapes. Abstract art does not start with technique. You must have something to communicate, a meaning to express in order to paint in the abstract. The closer you are to your soul, to the inner voice reflecting the frequency of the universe, the better. Without such a voice, abstract art is too easily reduced to painting on the surface. It may look interesting and even decorative. It might even ...
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No Titles: The Meaning Is In You

The meaning, the message of these paintings lies inside the viewer as the universe has an individual message for each of you. No two people will see these paintings the same way or draw the same meaning from them. These paintings are a way for you to connect with the frequency of the universe that is flowing through you and hear a message intended just for you. That is why the paintings have no title, just the time they were painted. The meaning is in the painting and what each viewer sees in that image. It is not about trying to find something recognizable though many may do so as their way of giving the painting meaning. Ultimately, it is about ...
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Great Art Starts As An Act Of Faith

While I am but a mere beginner as a painter if measured by time alone, every painting I create is an act of faith. Every time I pick up the brush I am taking a risk. I strive with every brush stroke, every color I mix, everything I do to express that which my soul wishes to communicate to the world. My soul, connected with the frequency of the universe to all souls, all living things carries a message directly from the creator. As much as my abilities allow, I am striving to communicate this message through what I paint on the canvas. No artist, including myself, knows the potential of their talents. We cannot know what we are capable of ...
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In abstract art, each person finds their own meaning. What feelings & thoughts come to you when viewing these paintings?

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