Fork In The Road

Paintings from beyond about how the universe works. Original acrylics on canvas by Don Shapiro.

Creating My Own Painters Studio

Fitting the tools to the artist

Built My Own Painting Table

I started out painting on an easel but it never felt right to me. When I begin to experiment with acrylics that were thinned down to water color consistency, I had to lay my paintings flat. It didn’t take long for me to realize there wasn’t anything ready made that would allow me to create larger paintings lying flat.

So I built my own painting table. The table is made of thick plywood with side troughs primed then coated three times with heavy duty exterior gloss paint. It is mounted over a small cabinet with wheels. This allows me to turn the table in any direction while I paint. My first table which is shown in the pictures was 54″ x 54″ That worked fine as long as I was only working on 36″ x 48″ canvases.

Now I am working on 60″ x 72″ canvases so I built a larger table that is 72″ x 80″.  Yes, it’s big. Now I just need a bigger room to work in!

Paint & Brushes

I exclusively use Golden acrylic paints. Golden is the best there is. I have a large selection of thick tube paints, liquid paints and special additives to extend the volume of paint without diluting the color. When I started, I had a typical assortment of brushes. Over time, I have added larger and larger brushes to now include ones used for house painting as well as rollers. The bigger the canvas, the bigger the tools.

Anchor-Hocking Small Glass Storage Dishes!

Everything I do technique wise I discovered myself thourgh trial and error. Since I often work with liquid paints that are thinned down or mixed with other liquids, the typcial artist palette doesn’t work for me. I quickly learned that the plastic mixing containers carried by art stories didn’t work well either. Then I discovered Anchor-Hocking small glass storage dishes! I love them. I can mix in them, paint from them and cover them with an airtight plastic lid. And when I clean them, they end up crystal clear. You can’t permanently stain glass with acrylics.

Studio photos taken by my stepson Ryan G. Kendle.

In abstract art, each person finds their own meaning. What feelings & thoughts come to you when viewing these paintings?

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