Fork In The Road

Paintings from beyond about how the universe works. Original acrylics on canvas by Don Shapiro.

No Titles: The Meaning Is In You

The meaning, the message of these paintings lies inside the viewer as the universe has an individual message for each of you. No two people will see these paintings the same way or draw the same meaning from them. These paintings are a way for you to connect with the frequency of the universe that is flowing through you and hear a message intended just for you.

That is why the paintings have no title, just the time they were painted. The meaning is in the painting and what each viewer sees in that image. It is not about trying to find something recognizable though many may do so as their way of giving the painting meaning. Ultimately, it is about looking at the images in a relaxed way devoid of pressure. Instead of trying to look for something in the image, let the image seep deep inside of you and listen to your inner voice. Let the universe share its meaning with you.

These paintings are your gateway to the frequency of the universe. They can help unlock and decipher something inside of you that has been yearning to be heard.


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In abstract art, each person finds their own meaning. What feelings & thoughts come to you when viewing these paintings?

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